Robert Dotcom Jackson and Internet Builder Consulting Honored by the Mayor

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Robert Dotcom Jackson of Internet Builder Consulting speaking at City Hall Robert Dotcom Jackson of Internet Builder Consulting speaking at City Hall

It’s easy to win an award for doing a nice website since there are thousands of companies who offer awards for paid entries each month. A unique recognition is that of being honored by The City of Kansas City and the Mayor of Kansas City at City Hall for Outstanding Work and an Outstanding Small Business (under 50 people). Internet Builder Consulting and Robert Dotcom Jackson were invited to City Hall to receive the award, meet with the Mayor, City Council and was later featured on NBC News for innovative business success. Check out the video of Internet Builder Consulting and Robert Dotcom Jackson speaking at City Hall from the City of Kansas City news station channel 2

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Robert ‘Dotcom’ Jackson one of the inventors of Search Engine Optimization SEO in 1995

THE SEO and Internet Expert based right here in Kansas City, Robert Dotcom Jackson!

Robert Dotcom Jackson Internet Expert, SEO, Social

Robert ‘Dotcom’ Jackson is one of the early innovators online with his public training, classes and adaptation of website optimization for search engines in 1995.  Robert was recruited by the National Association of Realtors to help with creation of the website and then optimization for search engines through 1999 when the company went public.

Since then Mr. Jackson has moved on to create ‘Social Marketing’ in 2007 through the use of social networks to enhance and improve Search Engine Rankings for websites.  His early adaptation, innovation and expertise has truly changed the way companies market online today.

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Internet Builder Consulting Gives Back

Good to see successful Kansas City businesses giving back and helping the community!

Internet Builders Consulting Websites, SEO & Social

The last few years have been tough for many Americans and tougher for many of the builders and real estate professionals we have the pleasure of working with.  When I founded my company in 1995 I named it Builder Consulting because we were building computers, networks and websites while providing computer and Internet consulting.  I knew many people in the real estate industry so naturally that was a strong part of the business with many of the builders taking my word that this whole ‘Internet Thing’ was going to be BIG. 

My little ‘hobby’ business went from an extra bedroom at my house to a Main Street office with clients worldwide because of the customers.  When customers started calling and stating they could no longer pay for website hosting, updates or marketing we had a choice to make.  I met with our accounting staff and told them if the…

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Best Place to Work in Kansas City

The Kansas City Business Journal surveys local companies, staff and compiles thousands of results each year to determine which companies are the Best Place to Work. I saw Internet Builder Consulting accept their 4th award for being the Best Place to Work in Kansas City in 2012. Winning the award once is an honor, winning 4 times is a sign of a great company with satisfied people–.html?page=all

Congratulations Internet Builder Consulting!