This is likely the year’s best selfie

Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney just hanging out on the street bench

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OMAHA, Neb. — A Nebraska teenager has lots to smile about after he snapped the latest viral celeb photo.

On Sunday night, Murray, 16, took a photo of his friend Tom White on an Omaha, Neb., sidewalk — standing in front of Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney as the two men sat casually on a bench in the background. White tweeted the image, and by Monday it had gone viral.

“Chillin with my homies” said White’s tweet, which linked to a copy of the image on Instagram.

Murray, White and another boy took a series of photos with the two men on Sunday, according to Murray’s father, John.

The image was later re-tweeted by Paul McCartney’s Twitter handle on Monday afternoon.

“Just hanging out with friends,” @PaulMcCartney wrote.

Earlier in the evening, the billionaire CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the Cute Beatle had dinner at Avoli Osteria, an Italian…

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Space tourists could blast off from UK in 2018

Space tourism in our lifetime

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(CNN) — Britain will launch the world’s first spaceport outside the U.S., with first space tourists blasting off from the UK as early as 2018.

The details were revealed Tuesday at the Farnborough Air Show in Hampshire, England. The UK government outlined eight possible locations of the port — one in Wales, one in England and six in Scotland, despite the independence referendum which Scotland holds in September.

“Space is big business for the UK. It already contributes $19 billion to the economy each year, supporting nearly 35,000 jobs,” UK Business Secretary Vince Cable said.

Until now, the UK had limited its involvements in space programs, launching rockets from Australia rather than constructing its own facility.

spacetourism2The UK government has expressed the ambitious target of capturing 10 percent of the global space sector, quadrupling the value of the nation’s industry to $68 billion a year.

“We have worked out the…

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Robert Dotcom Jackson and Internet Builder Consulting Honored by the Mayor

Kansas City business success: recognizing outstanding companies and business professionals

Search Engine Optimization SEO, Website Optimization, Website Development & Social Network Marketing

Robert Dotcom Jackson of Internet Builder Consulting speaking at City Hall Robert Dotcom Jackson of Internet Builder Consulting speaking at City Hall

It’s easy to win an award for doing a nice website since there are thousands of companies who offer awards for paid entries each month. A unique recognition is that of being honored by The City of Kansas City and the Mayor of Kansas City at City Hall for Outstanding Work and an Outstanding Small Business (under 50 people). Internet Builder Consulting and Robert Dotcom Jackson were invited to City Hall to receive the award, meet with the Mayor, City Council and was later featured on NBC News for innovative business success. Check out the video of Internet Builder Consulting and Robert Dotcom Jackson speaking at City Hall from the City of Kansas City news station channel 2

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